Cloud Computing

cloud computing

Cloud Computing opens new possibilities for business growth. It allows renting computing resources on demand - "pay as you grow". When you establish a new business you may need only a limited number of servers. But as your business grows, you require more and more computing power. Computing Cloud allows adjusting the resources to your demands dynamically. You can use more resources during peak demand and save money whenever possible. You don't have to maintain expensive datacenters anymore, you can simply login in to your Cloud Account and fire a command saying "Launch 20 additional instances" and 10 min later you get 20 additional virtual servers. If your Web Site gets "Slashdotted" (sudden and sharp increase of visitors number), you can increase its capacity to supply the demand in less then 30 min.

Breakthrough Ltd. provides development, consulting, integration and deployment services for Cloud Computing. We build an automatic Cluster Management infrastructure for Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud).

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