Embedded Software Developers


Breakthrough provides highly experienced Embedded, Linux and Linux Kernel Software Developers.

More then 10 years professional experience.
Deep knowledge in Communications and Networking protocols including routing, bridging, firewalls, Ethernet, WiFi, TCP, UDP, IP, RTP, RTSP, MIB, SNMP, HTTP, SIP, RADIUS etc.
Extensive experience with Network Management applications.

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Embedded and Real Time Projects


Breakthrough provides robust embedded and Real Time solutions for multiple platforms. Our company has proven experience with low resource embedded applications for Networking, Optical engineering and Medical industries from design phase to implementation.

Breakthrough embedded projects involved using various platforms such as Pic™ Microcontrollers, ARM processors (cell-phone encryption modules), Texas Instruments TMS3206x DSP based board on an embedded Linux environment etc.

Embedded Linux Projects

Linux is gaining momentum in the consumer electronic devices market.

In addition to embedded Linux Wifi router development and porting GDB (GNU debugger) we have successfully deployed digital video streaming applications using Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) for TI DaVinci system-on-chip. See additional information regarding TI DaVinci platform and RTP media streaming.

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