Professional Support Service

Linux/Unix Professional Support Service

Our skilled and experienced team has worked with multiple Unix systems and Linux distributions and can offer expert services for building and maintaining large scale server installations. Breakthrough provides professional grade installation, integration, support and customization services for large as well as small organizations. Applications we have worked with include:

  • Web servers: Apache, nginx.

  • DNS server: Bind.

  • Caching and proxy servers: Squid, memcached.

  • MTA servers: sendmail, qmail, postfix, exim.

  • Firewalls and routers: ipchains, iptables, ebtables, ipfw, pf, route2.

  • VPN: openVPN, IPSec.

  • File sharing: Samba, NFS.

  • Remote consoles: telnet, ssh, nx, vnc.

  • Network applications: NIS, LDAP, kerberos, SSL. Integration with Microsoft Windows™ Active Directory.

  • Version control systems: CVS, SVN.

  • SQL servers: MySQL, postgreSQL.

  • Web programs: MediaWiki, Bugzilla.

  • Compilers and debuggers: GCC, GDB.

and many others. Contact us for information on other OSS supported projects.