Web Development

Web Development

A static web site supporting a single desktop browser is not enough anymore.

If you need a dynamic site that looks good on all devices and resolutions we can offer you a responsive web site, which supports all available environments.

Our team of developers is experienced with various web technologies and platforms. From Java applet and HTML/CSS + Javascript on the client side to PHP on the server side.

Extensions for Google Chrome™

Google's open source multi-platform web browser allows adding plug-ins, extensions and buttons to Chrome User Interface.

Breakthrough has experience creating extensions for Google Chrome, which support added functionality.

You can build customizable extensions for your clients that provide complementary services and enable you to communicate with your customers.

Safari® Browser Programming

Safari is a leading browser incorporated in the Mac OS X operating system (and also supports other operating systems).

Safari is based on the open source webkit project, which in turn powers many of today's leading browsers, from cell phone browsers to PC browsers such as Google chrome.

Breakthrough implemented support for toolbars in Safari, which are not natively supported, utilizing advance techniques and industry standards including multilingual support to ensure broad usage.

Internet Explorer® Add-on Development

Internet Explorer supports added functionality using Browser Helper Objects, which enable displaying unsupported file formats, add Browser toolbars and manipulate content of web pages.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you effectively integrate your services with Internet browsers easily and quickly.